Attendance soars at Gala bingo hall

The Gala bingo hall in Westfield Road, Peterborough, is beating the recession with attendances increasing 400% in a year. They have even had to turn customers away on some occasions.

Special offers and promotions have helped increase numbers, according to the managers, which dropped to as low as 100 after the smoking band was implemented. Now they can get as many as 1,500 on the special free bingo promotion nights.

Craig Hobson, General Manager, told the Peterborough News: “The whole club was heaving with customers – some of them were regulars, but many were new faces that hadn’t played bingo before. We have gone from being in the doldrums to turning people away on some nights because we are so busy, in just a few months.

“People are looking for good value for money when they go for a night out, and we offer that. We now have a real variety of people coming along. We have seen grans bringing their grandsons along, and then the next week the grandson is back with some of his friends, because they have enjoyed it so much.

This is a great indication of just how popular bingo is becoming nowadays. If you don’t have a local bingo hall that you can go to then why not play online from the comfort of your own home, read our Bingo Reviews to find the best places to play.


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