Bingo Bonuses

Bingo bonuses let you play more, for less. This is vital for people who want to make the best returns on their bingo play.

Bingo bonuses come in two forms – bonuses on money deposited and bonus tickets. Bonuses on money are usually very rare, restricted mostly to newly registered members to help them get involved. Bonus tickets, however, are very common and can be earned in online bingo hall ‘happy hours’ or via chat mini-games.

As bonuses on your money will probably only be offered when you first sign up, it can be advantageous to shop around for a good one. Many of our featured online casinos and bingo halls offer exceptionally good value on sign up bonuses, so be sure to browse through them to find one that appeals to you.

Free tickets at ‘happy hour’ are normally offered as tickets that can be immediately used to enter an upcoming game. These offers can be as good as 4 for the price of 1 or even better. This helps your bingo bankroll to go much further, and should increase your chances of winning games without requiring you to spend more.

The other main way to earn bonus tickets is to play chat games. The hosts of bingo sites will often run these as bingo games are being played in order to give players something more to do. Usually these are just simple word games, so give them a go and see if you can win. The free tickets you earn over time will easily make the effort worthwhile.

If you are looking for bingo sites that offer great bingo bonuses, please feel free to browse through our bingo reviews.


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