Bingo Player Misses Out On Win In Live Bingo Hall

A bingo player has recently lost out on a £1,000 bingo win when the caller did not hear her call ‘bingo’ before the next number was called. This is always a potential problem at live bingo halls, as callers may not be paying enough attention to catch a call of ‘bingo’ before moving on.

Elaine Prendergast, a 63-year-old player at a live Gala Bingo hall, was the victim of this unfortunate mistake, but the rules of live bingo halls mean that she is unlikely to see her £1,000 jackpot. She says that she called ‘bingo’ early and loudly, with other players and the bingo steward backing her up, but the protocols of live bingo insist that claims are void once the caller has moved on.

Ms. Prendergast intends to take this to the Gambling Commission. It is likely that they will not even deign to investigate, however, as the bingo hall was following the correct protocols by not paying her out after the next number was called. As proving that she called ‘bingo’ before the next number is probably impossible, the Gambling Commission is unlikely to take on a losing case.

While this sort of thing is always a possibility at live bingo halls, it cannot and will not happen at online bingo halls. At online bingo halls, tickets are always marked off automatically and calls are made as soon as one of the player’s tickets has scored ‘bingo’. While players can often still mark off tickets manually, the software is always keeping track of each ticket to make sure the player never misses out. This lets players play many more tickets in every game and ensures they will never lose a prize owed to them due to caller errors.

Now is the best time to get a start in online bingo in order to avoid the problems of live bingo halls that Ms. Prendergast faced. Why risk £1,000 or even more of the money you are entitled to from a win by playing at live bingo halls? Join one of the online bingo halls featured on this site to begin a life of bingo bliss!


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