How to Download and Play Bingo Online

When you start playing bingo online, most sites will give you a choice to play with their browser-based online version or a downloadable software version. The choice you make will depend on the restrictions of your hardware and software as well as personal preference.

No matter which way you choose to play, both methods are completely secure. Downloadable bingo software is built especially with safety and security in mind, and the online browser-based bingo systems use encryption in order to protect your information as it is being transferred.

If you choose to download the software version of an online bingo hall, you will likely find it to be a more pleasant way of playing bingo than using the browser-based bingo hall. Better graphics, higher sound quality and customisability of the interface are usual for downloadable bingo software. Unfortunately, bingo software is usually only coded to work for Windows operating systems. This makes it inconvenient to use for players with Macs or those who prefer other operating systems.

The biggest advantage of using the online bingo hall options is that they work in Flash and can thus be used on any computer that supports the latest version of Flash. There is no need to download anything first, players simply access the site, sign in, and start playing. This can be great when you find yourself away from your own computer for a few days or weeks, but it is not optimal for long term play as the environment is generally not as polished as in the downloadable software.

Before you can start playing bingo for money, you will need to fund your account. You will first have to check out which payment methods a site offers before joining, so that you can organize payment and withdrawals. Many sites accept a wide range of credit cards, but many people prefer to use an online e-wallet like NETeller, Click2Pay or Moneybookers as a secure method of transferring money into their bingo account and to access faster systems for withdrawal of funds.

If you are looking for a great online bingo hall with a friendly community and fun atmosphere that values your security and privacy, have a read through our bingo reviews to find a safe and trusted online casino or bingo hall.


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