How to earn free bingo tickets

Lots of people I know wonder how they can make the most of their tickets in bingo. They all know that they can work out what the best number of tickets is to buy but want to do more to improve their bingo returns.

Well, there certainly isn’t any magic way to win at bingo, but there is a cost-effective way of getting more tickets for your cash.

Just don’t pay for them.

No, we aren’t talking about hacking the sites or something criminal. You just need to take advantage of all the free ticket offers available from bingo sites.

The first and most important way to earn free tickets is to play as often as you can during the ‘happy hour’ of your preferred bingo site. These can offer great deals on tickets, such as ‘4 for 1’ ticket sales, maximizing the number of entries you get for your expenditure.

While ‘happy hour’ can increase the number of entries you can buy with the money you spend, it does have the downside of attracting more competition. The more players there are, the more varied tickets there are also, so the games can be much shorter. This means you need to create the largest spread of your own tickets, so buying the maximum number allowed is advisable.

If you don’t want to have to play against thousands of other players but still want free tickets, then make sure you keep chatting! It’s a real shame that so many people get too caught up in the game and forget to join in the fun of the in-game chat. Well, those of us who do keep chatting can keep all the free tickets to ourselves, can’t we?

The chat games that site hosts will occasionally run are a great way of earning more free tickets. They are easy, good fun, and you can earn hundreds and thousands of tickets over a few months by regularly playing these games. You won’t win them every time, but those few times you do will be worth the miniscule effort you have to put in.

Why pay for bingo tickets when you don’t have to? With just a little effort, you can earn loads of free bingo tickets and make your bingo money go further. Try some of the bingo sites we review, as they are very generous in their bonus ticket offers.


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