Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is one of the biggest bingo names in the UK, yet they have only quite recently moved into the world of online play. By allowing players to use an existing Mecca Bingo Club ID, Mecca Bingo has shown that they intend to keep strong relations between their live bingo and online bingo operations.

Mecca Bingo Game Variety

Mecca Bingo has a massive variety of 90 ball bingo rooms to choose from as well as a few other unique bingo games and a selection of casino games.

Aside from the usual 90 ball bingo game types, Mecca Bingo also offers two other options – Cashline bingo and Joker Jackpot bingo. These are quite different to regular UK 90 ball bingo, though the core rules are essentially the same.

Cashline bingo is an 80 ball bingo game with 16 numbers on each ticket. The specific way to win in a Cashline bingo game varies, as you can win by getting numbers on the corners, the middle four squares, by getting a Line, or with a Full House depending on the requirements of the room. This is a somewhat similar play style to US 75 ball bingo, but not quite the same.

Joker Jackpot bingo uses a deck of cards instead of drawing bingo balls. Each ticket has 9 cards to mark off, and the game can be won by completing the ‘J’ pattern on the ticket or by getting Full House (bingo, not poker style). As there are so few numbers to mark off and only a single deck of 54 cards to get through, this game is very fast compared to other forms of bingo.

The regular bingo games are available at many prices, from 1p to £1 per ticket. As usual, cheaper games and big jackpots attract large numbers of players, but with 12 bingo rooms to choose from, there is a game on at almost every price range any time of day. Mecca Bingo has some truly incredible jackpots, which is a big draw card for many of its players.

Aside from bingo, Mecca Bingo also offers casino slots and number games such as roulette. These can be a wonderful way of spending time between games of bingo that you want to play. They also add a bit more variety to play, which can be needed on those days when the numbers just aren’t falling right. Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly themed slots are just some of the games on offer, as well as variations of roulette, all designed for maximum fun at a low cost.

Mecca Bingo Promotions

Aside from a £50 deposit bonus on first deposits, many of the promotions at Mecca Bingo are limited time offers. Luckily, many are often featured simultaneously, so there is usually a way to get better value than usual by playing at Mecca Bingo.

Some of the promotions include half price games featuring the prize money of full price games as well as special games with higher value prizes than usual. It’s always a good idea to check out the current promotions on offer at Mecca Bingo so that you can plan your play around the best value offers.

Mecca Bingo Community

The community on Mecca Bingo is very chat focused and you can expect a warm welcome. Many members are also frequent posters on the Mecca Bingo forums. With the help of the team of Chat Moderators, the Mecca Bingo community maintains civility and friendliness. Considering the number of people who play, it’s quite incredible that the atmosphere remains so positive!

Mecca Bingo also supports its community in a number of other ways. First of all, it encourages players to visit its land-based centres in addition to using the site. Additionally, there is a cool little competition at Mecca Bingo for bingo jokes. You just submit your best jokes and get £5 free stakes for every joke published.

It would be nice if Mecca Bingo offered a few more community-building extras, but the activity on the chat rooms and the forums suggests that their players are a fun-loving lot. It’s always better when a bingo community is given the tools to develop itself rather than having special events forced upon it that members may not have much real interest in.


Mecca Bingo is definitely a worthwhile bingo site to try out for anyone interested in UK bingo games. The sign-up bonus is comparable to many other big bingo sites and the jackpots can be massive.

Those who are already members of Mecca Bingo’s live venues should find the online games to be quite familiar, though, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Good in that they will be non-threatening to take up, bad in that they will not offer as much new stuff as a completely different bingo site.

Essentially, Mecca Bingo is one of the biggest UK bingo names for a good reason and they have applied themselves well to the online sphere. Anyone who plays at their halls should feel comfortable, as should anyone else who joins.


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