New super bingo hall to open in UK

A new “super” bingo centre in Beeston, worth £5.5m, will be the first of it’s kind in the UK.

Set to open on May 14 2009, Mecca will include a traditional bingo hall and a bar and will also feature live entertainment at night and computerised touch-screen bingo machines. Community groups are also being invited to use the facilities to hold meetings, such as Weight Watchers.

How the Mecca bingo centre in Beeston will look

How the Mecca bingo centre in Beeston will look

Located on Queens Road it is hoped that the new club will reinvigorate the evening economy of Beeston, a town in Nottinghamshire. Beeston was chosen as the location because of the lack of bingo halls in the area.

“We aren’t really thinking of it as a bingo hall,” a spokeswoman said. “It’s so much more than that. It is a leisure venue.

“We have thought of the traditional bingo players by having the traditional hall where it is literally eyes down.

“But other people can come along and have food and drink and still play bingo in the other room. Bingo halls are normally just that.”

So far, 3,500 members have already signed up and more are expected to before the opening on May 14.


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